EOTD: Dauntless Inspired (Plus Divergent Movie Raves!)

 So guess who watched Divergent already? ME ME ME! :D I was so excited to see how the movie adaptation was like. The Divergent trilogy is one of the YA books out there that you definitely have to read because if you aren't, you're missing out big time. When I finished the books, I decided to do a look inspired by one of my favorite factions, Dauntless. The members of the faction, in terms of appearance, always wore black clothing, have numerous tattoos, and girls wore dark liner. Sort of badass/punk, don't you think? So that's where I got my inspiration for this look. If I were a member of Dauntless, what kind of eye makeup would I wear? And then it dawned on me: winged liner. But not my everyday one; I want something bolder. And that's exactly what I did.  A bold one but nothing too extreme. And for extra oomph, I decided to add some dark stones on the corner of my eyes. Kind of hard to see but they're there. And tada! Here's my look.

Products Used:
MAC Paint Pot in Painterly
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack (used for the wing)
MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder (upper and lower lashlines and waterlines)
Urban Decay shadow in Blackout (setting shadow for Blacktrack and used to smudge Smolder on lower lashline)
Maybelline Volum' Express Hypercurl Cat Eyes

Okay, first of all let me just say that I am absolutely thrilled to tell you that the movie adaptation was not butchered! I was a bit worried that I may not like the movie due to changes that don't match with the novel (*cough* PJatO: The Lightning Thief *cough*) but thankfully, Divergent was made accurately and beautifully. Everything exceeded my expectations really and here's why:

- The costumes were matched amazingly with each faction. The colors were just right, nothing too bold or too boring. I absolutely loved Erudite's smart blue clothing, Dauntless' badass black attires, Candor's black and white attires that reminded me of the clothing worn by Arrancars on the anime Bleach (in a good way! I love Bleach!), the lovely hue of red and yellow worn by Amity, and the simple gray attire of Abnegation. The costumes were so amazing they make me cry tears of joy!

- I like how they clearly introduced the factions. It's no big deal for those who read the books but it's quite confusing for those who didn't. Could still be quite confusing though so go read the books! :))

- They did a great job with the setting, especially with the Dauntless quarters. When I was reading the book, I imagined it to be a very dark secluded place and in a way, it was the same in the movie, only better. ;)

- I LOVED seeing the Dauntless members' recklessness and craziness! It was such a joy to see!

- Shailene Woodley IS Tris. She did an amazing job and she gave justice to the character. She portrayed weakness, fear, bravery, determination, and curiosity. In short, she IS Tris.

- Jai Courtney made me like Eric a little bit. I hated Eric in the books but seeing Jai as Eric made me hate him less. Haha!

- Ansel Elgort as Caleb was perfect. Him running on the side of train and him running in the Dauntless quarters convinced me.

- The music = two thumbs up. Absolutely love the soundtrack and score! I died a little when I heard the instrumental version of Ellie Goulding's My Blood in the movie. It fit perfectly! Also, good job for getting Hans Zimmer as co-composer for the score. Yay!

- Random, but I liked how they made tattooing futuristic. Someone invent something like that, please! 

- The zip line ride was craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Random things I wish they included in the movie:
- Uriah. He's one of my fave characters in the books so it was bummer when he wasn't included in the movie.

- I wish they included the scene where Peter stabbed Edward in the eye. That was such a gruesome scene in the book and it showed how evil, selfish, and dangerous Peter can be.

All in all, the movie adaptation of Divergent is a must-watch. Seriously, I want to watch it again and again! Two hours of my time and money were well spent. Thankfully, Insurgent was green lit a few days ago so I can't wait to see that, mainly because Insurgent is my fave book in the trilogy. Don't eff it up, please!

PS. My faction? Personality-wise: Amity. Fashion-wise: Dauntless.

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  1. and this is why teens should not be given a choice on which faction to join. in real life, 95% of the hormone-raging, newly-minted adults will join Dauntless. :P think Sorting Hat in HP: he decides, no complaining. ;)