My First Tinted Brow Gel: NARS Piraeus Brow Gel

I finally had my brows threaded a few days ago and that means it's time to play with brow products! Working with brow products with tidy brows is just easier and more fun, you know? This time, I decided to bust out something I've always wanted to try: the NARS brow gel I got months ago.

Working with Correctors

Color correcting is one of the most important things I learned in makeup school, It makes concealing more precise and it makes imperfections hidden than highlighted. By using correctors, you get to conceal all imperfections while still having a thin layer of face base. God bless all those girls who piles layers and layers of concealer on their faces. 

Correctors can be quite confusing and overwhelming (and scary!) but let me break it all down for you as simple as possible. And I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing but I totally skipped everything involving the color wheel. That shit confuses me! :P

The Face Shop Seed in Seed Core Seed Purifying Essence

That's a damn long name for a product, isn't it? :)) I've been using this on and off for a couple of weeks now and here's my report.

Into the Meh Pile: Australis 3 in 1 Wipes

I know I'm supposed to be happy cause it's Friday but you know, this just had to be done.

It's a bummer when something that looks exciting isn't so exciting after all. That's what I experienced with the Australis 3 in 1 Wipes. I got this a few months back when I was on a makeup remover high. I was never a makeup wipes girl; I always stick with my trusty cotton pad + liquid makeup remover combo. But then again I'm always up to trying beauty products so this pack went home with me.

There are a lot of promising things that can be read on the flap. It cleanses, tones, and moisturizes, it gently removes makeup and mascara, it has skin-soothing ingredients like chamomile and aloe vera, etcetera, etcetera. Sounds like the perfect makeup wipe, no? Spoiler alert: Nope, it isn't. And Imma tell you why.

First up, the wipes aren't damp. Imagine you have a cleansing wipe. Wring it out. Now you're left with a semi-dry wipe. That's exactly how damp Australis wipes are. Having a not-so-wet wipe just isn't fun to use, you know? Like it's not enough to remove everything on your face. And that brings me to my second issue: it doesn't clean that well. It removes powder just fine...blush, face powder, eyeshadow, brow powder...all of that's fine. Creams? Out of the freaking question. Mascara? Don't even bother. I did try to take out my lippie using this...let's just say I needed a bit of a lip balm after some scrubbin lovin. Third issue: the price. I got this on a Watsons sale so I'm good with it not working on me cause I just got it for S$2. Apparently, it's original price is S$6 which I think is a bit much for something that doesn't work that well. The Daiso Cleansing Water is just S$2 and it works so much more that this. Just sayin'.

To balance out the negative vibes radiating from the paragraph above, I'm gonna add some pros on this product. One, it doesn't leave the face so oily. It actually moisturizes the skin so I can go a few more hours before heading to the bathroom sink to wash my face. Two, it's fragrance-free. Three, it has a simple yet striking packaging. Black with a pink flap? Digging it.

I'm obviously not going to purchase this again but if you want to try it out yourself, I'm not gonna stop you. If it works for you, then good. If not, come back here and let's bitch about it together. It's a win-win either way haha. I'll be waiting! x

Quick Purchases

Got a quick post and a few goodies. Yesterday, I found out some selected items in the essence cosmetics counter were on sale. And when I say sale, it's legit sale. Some were 50% off, some more. So how the hell can I not check em out?

I just got three items from the sale. I got two kajal pencils, both at 50% off, one of which started this purchase. I got 24 Pretty in Fuchsia, a nice pink liner (yes, this is the pencil), and 22 Taupe Me!, a nice taupe with a green undertone. The SA actually swatched Taupe Me! and it totally reminded me of a taupe green pencil I used to have. Pink is probably the only color I don't have in my eye pencil stash. About time, no? The last item I got was the Stay Natural Concealer in 04 Soft Honey. It was around 44% off which was quite a big discount considering it's a face cosmetic. This works like the cult classic YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch concealer, with the brush tip and clicky bottom, but I doubt it works the same. I'm definitely going to try it out and report back.

And that's it! Told you this is quick. See you on my next post!