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Nail of the Week: Catrice Cosmetics Ultimate Nail Lacquer in #07: Genius In The Bottle

Week 2 of metallic, shimmery goodness.

If last week's polish is more on the bronze-y/coppery side of things, this week's polish is more on the golden, color-shifting-ish side of things. Also, it's my very first Catrice polish.

Genius In The Bottle is an interesting one. It looks like an oil slick in a bottle, no? It has blue, gold, a hint of green...it's such a playful one in the eye. Upon application, I've discovered that it actually has a sheer deep blue color as a base. The blue reminds me a little bit of Too Faced's Cap a Teal shadow, only sheerer and a bit darker. Mixed with the blue base are these very fine gold glitters that make this polish really shimmery and eye-catching. You'd think gold and blue won't go well together but they surprisingly do.

If the color-shift in the bottle was spot on, unfortunately. it's on the nails. The prominent ones are the gold glitters and when you move your nails, you'll see a hint of blue here and there. I mean, the blue's there; I just wished it was more noticeable. However, because of the mix of gold and blue, there are angles where you'll see some olive going on. It's really pretty and it makes me feel like a venomous snake whenever I see my glittery gold, sometimes blue, sometimes olive nails.

It would have been nice if the formula was a little creamier instead of runny/watery. Thing is, watery formulas tend to cling on to the cuticles like no other and sadly, it did pool a little on my cuticles. It also pooled a little on some of the free edge areas, making it feel thick to the touch. Other than that and the sheer blue base, this polish is a good purchase.

For my first Catrice polish, I was a little underwhelmed. It won't stop me from purchasing a new one though I think next time, I'll stick to their creme polishes. Most of their polishes have a gel formula now like their sister company essence which makes me want to check out the line more. Will report on the asap. Well, after dealing with my polish backlog, that is.

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