The S$2 Cleansing Water

When I got myself a bottle of cleansing water, it was because I was on a makeup remover high. I didn't know anything about it and I definitely wasn't aware that it's a current hype in the beauty world. If you're expecting something known and pricey, read something else. But if you're someone who likes try the new hype without breaking the bank, then keep reading.

EOTD: One Shadow, Three Looks

Hey you, hope you had a wonderful weekend! The last few days were holy for me hence the lack of posts last week but don't worry, everything's back to normal now. Today's a bit different for an EOTD post; as you can see from the title, I've got three looks for you, all involving one particular shadow.

Nail of the Week: The Face Shop Wide Nails in PP402

 My last hurrah with dark polish before I go all summer mode with my bright and colorful polishes.

Ahh how I missed wearing dark polish! There's just something about them that makes me happy. Anyway, here's my last dark NOTW least for now. I'm determined to wear something colorful or bright on my nails for the month of April so dark polishes have to take a rest for now. Since it's technically Holy Week now, I figured to wear something that reflects this week's mood: gloomy and dark. Oh, this excludes Easter Sunday, naturally.

I chose to wear The Face Shop Wide Nails in PP402, a lovely dark eggplant polish. I am absolutely in love with this. It's such a royal color; I mean, it's my perfect violet. The polish has shimmer in it but it's so fine that it's barely noticeable on the nails. The formula of this polish is a bit on the thick side (definitely not like the NARS formula) but it's still lovely to work with because it goes on really smoothly and it helps that the polish is opaque on one go. But you know me, a second layer is always a must.

One thing that's a bit different is the brush. It's an angled paddle brush. :O My heart fluttered when I first saw the brush because, heh, I love me some angled brushes. I thought it would be a bit difficult to use but I was proved wrong. Apparently, the angled brush helps a lot in application! I can easily maneuver my brush especially in the cuticle area as well as on the sides, However, one downside with this brush is that sometimes the product isn't evenly distributed. Sometimes I think I have adequate polish on but turns out that's just the left side of the brush and the right side has too much! It's weird to explain it out loud so sorry for that! But overall, I think the pros outweigh the cons of the polish so it's all good.

Before I wrap this up, apologies for my rather bumpy nail swatch. The polish went so smoothly so I don't know why it all bubbled up! I didn't shake the bottle so I think it's either one of the top coats I used OR I may have applied a thick second coat. Because I'm too lazy to redo everything, let's just pretend I have textured nails, shall we? :D

essence Gel-look Plumping Top Coat

Happy last Friday of March, y'all! Today I'll be sharing my thoughts/feedback on a new top coat I've been using these past few months, the essence Gel-look Plumping Top Coat.

So basically I bought this because I wanted to experience gel-looking nails without breaking the bank. Gel nails are uber glossy and look a bit elevated/embossed and apparently they last a long time. However, getting them done is quite time consuming and pricey, plus the removal can only be done in nail salons. So yes, long story short, I'm cheating by being a cheapskate lol.

I got the top coat back in Singapore and I remember grabbing it because it was the only bottle left. The 8ml bottle cost less than S$5 so that was a steal. The formula of the top coat is a bit thick unlike the new water-based top coats that are runny and thin. I'm happy to report that even if it's a little thick, it was a breeze to work with. I can easily apply it the first time and it didn't take long for it to dry as well. In terms of the "gel look" claim, yes, it does make your polish look extra glossy and the embossed/elevated effect is there for the first couple of days. As days pass by, I noticed that the top coat becomes thin which lessens the glossiness of the nails. The gel effect goes away by the second day so if you want to keep up the gel look, you have to reapply it every other day or so.

I guess overall it's a good top coat but it didn't blow me away with the gel effect. I feel like if you look past all the gel claims, it's just another top coat. Would I repurchase it? Probably not. Guess I'll just keep using it and enjoy extra shiny polish for a few more mani sessions.

I'm Bringing (Old) Brushes Back

When I decided to study makeup artistry after I graduated high school, I sort of went on a makeup spree, or rather a brush spree. I was obsessed with brushes more than makeup products and I just wanted to have buy every brush I see. Of course this was when I had absolutely no idea about makeup in general. When I entered makeup school, I got my first proper brush set (which was Royal & Langnickel) then I had two more brush sets when I went to my second makeup school. From then on, all I used were those brushes and everything else was forgotten. Well, until a couple of weeks ago.