It's been a while since I incorporated the color blue on an eye look so I decided it'll be my color of choice for today. When I was coming up with a look, I knew I didn't want blue shadow on my lid; I wanted it somewhere else. Then out of nowhere, a peg appeared: Temptalia. I saw a look where she was sporting a teal liner on her lower lashline. Bingo.

From there, I sort of went with the flow. I lined my lower lashline with a blue liner, smudged it with a different hue of blue, then added a couple shadows more. Personally, I prefer not to leave my lid space blank when I fill in the lower lashline. I like things balanced, so I usually go for a neutral color scheme on my lid space then go crazy with the lower lashline which was what I did for today's look. This way the eye looks balanced and not too bottom heavy. I also went ahead and used a colored liner. I don't use colored mascara that much but it's great every now and then since it adds fun to any eye look in a subtle way. It's like channeling Jeannie Mai, only through your lashes. ;)

Products Used:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Sleek shadow in Honeycomb (entire lid space)
Sleek shadow in Toast (lid)
Too Faced shadow in Teddy Bear (crease)
The Body Shop Eye Definer in Brilliant Blue (lower lashline)
Too Faced shadow in Cop A Teal (lower lashline)
Cosmoprof Pink shadow (lower lashline)
The Body Shop shadow in Pink Shimmer (brow bone highlight)
The Body Shop Super Volume Mascara in 03

Whenever I see a palette, I always check out the neutral shades. Browns, subtle pinks, wearable golds, the blackest of blacks...neutrals will always be my first love in makeup. But sometimes, they can look the same to the point where you can find a high-end shadow dupe in the drugstore. Plus, admit it, too much neutrals can sometimes be boring. And when things get boring, I reach for the one thing that will instantly shoo the woes away- color.

"Maybe we're like two pitbulls, you know. You put either with another dog and that dog's toast but together they're couch buds."

Two weeks ago, I saw Saab's post about the recent tv show she was watching. I'm always up for something new to watch so after doing a bit of research about the show, You're the Worst, I decided to give it a go. I guess it's safe to say that I fell in love with it since I binge-watched all 10 episodes in two days hehe.

The show's protagonists are people with toxic personalities: Jimmy (played by Chris Geere) is an insensitive, self-centered British writer and Gretchen (played by Aya Cash) is a self-destructive, cynical PR executive. The show is basically how they attempt a relationship. With two negative personalities, you'd think this will be depressing to watch but the protagonists' dynamics, chemistry and never ending hilarious banters are just too good to pass up. The supporting characters are funny as hell too. I highly recommend this show and I cannot wait for the second season. Seriously, 10 episodes per season isn't enough. At least bump it up to 12!!

Anyway, this look is inspired by Gretchen's eye makeup in the season finale. It's a really nice balance between dark and nude. Aya Cash's eye are quite droopy so it was hard to see her eye makeup when her eyes are open, thankfully I got a few shots of her with her eyes down or closed. If you wanna know the look, you better watch the show! :P Again, this look is inspired. I ended up doing something darker but the colors are pretty much similar/close to the ones she sported on the show.

Products Used:
Too Faced Show Insurance
Urban Decay shadow in Kinky (all over the eye area)
San San shadow in Warm Copper Fire (crease)
Urban Decay shadow in Backdoor (outer v; lower lashline)
San San shadow in Deep Earth Brown (lower lashline)
MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder (waterline)
NYX shadow in unnamed nude peach shimmer (lid: light wash)
Graftobian Cake Liner in Jet Black
Maybelline Volum' Express Hypercurl Cat Eyes

Is my title too dramatic for you? Haha. But seriously, that was my first thought the first time I used this brush. I have used and encountered different brushes but this one's life-changing, just like my brush favorites, MAC 217, EcoTools Bamboo Angled Eyeliner Brush, and the Royal & Langnickel Flat Eyeliner C450.

Sorry this took so long but I'm ready to share the makeup remover I've been loving for the past few weeks. Ready?